My basement data-center


Hardware Setup

  • Biostar NM70I-847 Intel Celeron 847 | my 24×7 file-server, web-server
  • Dell CS24-SC Server | 6 Servers | Each @ Xeon L5420 8 cores 2.5GHz, two servers with 40GB + others 24GB RAM
  • Dell PowerEdge C1100 (CS24-TY) | 1 Server | Xeon X5650 12 cores 2.66GHz, 96GB RAM (added recently)

Networking Setup

  • Verizon Fios @ 50/50 mbps
  • Servers are sitting in outer DMZ (
  • NIC and BMC ports are assigned static IP & hostname
  • Everything is connected through a Gigabit switch

Software Setup

  • Celeron server runs: samba, docker/nginx, docker/gitlab
  • Dell servers are rebuilt frequently using technique mentioned here. CentOS distribution is catched locally using technique mentioned TODO.

And I can control them from my Android phone.